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Call from 83 year old Sydney

Assisted by Yad Sarah to record life story.

Family photos, certificates, paintings … part of project

evidence …elements of  his journey.

My part …to photograph and scan them.

Leave with payment for the job

My real reward… gift of novel authored by Sydney

and  permission to photograph his portrait.


We have the same English name…. please don’t reveal that to anyone!

Sydney… from the French… Saint Denis,a Christian saint

Haven’t used Sydney since 1976 on immigrating to Israel…

Aliyah…my Jewish calling

to identify with my Hebrew name…

Shlomo…Aryeh Shlomo ben Yaakov V’Miriam.


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A candle is lit

Wine cup filled

Havdala … a separation made between holy and profane

Shabbath has ended and the new week begun

Shavua tov… a good week ahead

For my portrait project it has been a good week.

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Quest…to reinject  fun, vitality and freshness…..

 Photography can become work, another of life’s chores.

Niel van de Kerk in his photo-blog, http://www.planetneil.com/tangents/, describes an “Image-a-day project’.

 Last night I saw the blog of a lady photographer…oops name forgotten. She takes one self-portrait a day.

Answer.  Synthesis….portrait-a-day  project.

Went to synagogue for morning prayers armed with camera. These 3 pictures are the result.

My hope …to be able to persist! 

I live in Jerusalem. If your and my paths can meet I would be happy to take your portrait.

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