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A candle is lit

Wine cup filled

Havdala … a separation made between holy and profane

Shabbath has ended and the new week begun

Shavua tov… a good week ahead

For my portrait project it has been a good week.


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The U.S. 21/01/10… because of tefillin, airline flight diverted…. see story  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34973665/ns/travel-news/

See my entry… Putting on Tefillin for first time.

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Quest…to reinject  fun, vitality and freshness…..

 Photography can become work, another of life’s chores.

Niel van de Kerk in his photo-blog, http://www.planetneil.com/tangents/, describes an “Image-a-day project’.

 Last night I saw the blog of a lady photographer…oops name forgotten. She takes one self-portrait a day.

Answer.  Synthesis….portrait-a-day  project.

Went to synagogue for morning prayers armed with camera. These 3 pictures are the result.

My hope …to be able to persist! 

I live in Jerusalem. If your and my paths can meet I would be happy to take your portrait.

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Living in Israel is like living  a dream.

 A hundred years ago who would have thought…. not too many had the clarity of Herzl.

Today his vision is confirmed daily.

We do have ups and downs….. But the upsurging forward tide is so strong.

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Girls generally reach maturity earlier than boys, therefore in Judaism a girl keeps the mitzvot at 12 years.

Becoming a bar or bat mitzva is a big milestone. The young adult becomes a fully fledged member of the community.For a communal prayer service a minyan of 10 men is required.The new bar mitzva can often be the deciding factor whether this quorum is met.

The ‘status’ bar /bat mitzva can very much influence the mindset of the youngsters involved.Recently my nephew’s friend had his bar mitva ceremony.My nephew could not attend but had the priviledge of a phonecall immediately afterwards from the friend informing him …..’I am no longer a child!’

A special thanks to Ilanit and family for letting us all share their celebration.

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On Chanuka, I joined a group of  ‘Medical Clowns’ to visit the sick….

Infants, children, adults, elderly.

Offer simple gifts and gestures…..

Smiles, laughter and zannyness.

Its amazing what make-up, colourful garb and goodwill permit.

Charlie Chaplin said something to the effect that a day without laughter is a day wasted.

The world would be a better place if we had more clowns !




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In Judaism, when a boy comes of age reaching 13 years, he is obligated to keep the mitzvot or religious duties. This is why he is called a bar mitzva – a son of the mitzvot.

Putting on Tefilin on a daily basis is one of the mitzvot.Some boys start putting on Tefilin just before their bar mitzva.

Here a father and son to heighten the specialness of the occasion flew to Israel chosing to donn the Tefilin at the Kotel(the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem)

After the prayer service at the Kotel, they went to the adjacent tunnels  to an alcove opposite  the site, where the “Holy of Holies” of the temple is located.Here they lit oil lights and offered personal prayers.

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